Welcome to Mitsui Fine Arts, where your artistic soulmate awaits. In this collection, curated from the heart of Kyoto, you'll meet artwork that resonates with you. 

Our founder, Misako, a descendant of a Kimono merchant family spanning three and a half centuries, has exclusive Kyoto sources where she acquires authentic artworks by Japanese artists and artisans—pieces that whisper tales of time from the Nara to Showa Periods.

As you view our selection, let your heart guide you, and as you navigate the categories: Japanese Textiles, Zuancho,Objects, and Works on Paper, rest assured that the authenticity is supported by expert opinions from Kyoto and Misako's training (since age five).  

Our clientele ranges from museums and serious collectors to individuals beginning their journey into the world of fine Japanese art. Misako has gained a reputation for offering invaluable educational experiences, and even though her clients might already be knowledgeable, they tell her they always learn something new from her.