You will find your soul-work as in soul mate here. Many people are often unsure why they choose this work, but not that work, especially in Japanese art. We will guide your journey to meet the piece that you can connect with deep inside. All the works are from our sources in Kyoto. Misako (the owner) came from a Kimono merchant family with two and a half centuries of history. It enables her to get to these sources. Dive in, and let's start.

Textile has captured us for centuries and millenniums. They have been created by excellent artisans worldwide and used, cherished, and collected. Cultures spread and influenced each other through textiles. Even a road was formed, the silk road. They have always been living and breathing with us. When we softly and gently touch them, something more than we see, reaches to our hands. They travel through artisan's hands, through many previous stewards' hands, and to your hands. You are holding the history of the textile.