• Artist: Unknown Artist
  • Title: Ko-Imari Sometsuke sara (plate) with flowers  c. mid 18th–century
  • Media: ceramic
  • Dimension: 1 ½”(h) X 6” (dia.)

Stunningly modern looking plates with hi foot came from the mid 18th century. While most of Imari ware for export were produced after 1880th, those early examples are most desirable. It is rare that a set of five would exist intact.

  • Artist: Unknown Artist
  • Title: Hasuha-gata sara (lotus leaf plate), late 17th – early 18th-century
  • Media: Ceramic  Naniwa Ware   set of 7
  • Dimension: 4 ½” x 5 ½” x 2”

This very delicate plate was produced in the Naniwa Region in the 17th-century. Very little is known about this kiln except for a mention in a journal that a well-known potter wrote in 1678 while visiting various kilns in Japan. After 1700, there is no record of the Naniwa Kiln. What is distinctive about this set is that some of them have gold repair work on the lip of the plates. These repairs to cracks in ceramic ware were so beautifully rendered that they actually increased the value of the plate.  The technique is called Kintsugi.

  • Artist: Unknown Artist
  • Title: Buddha Statue, circa late 12th – early 13th century
  • Media: wood
  • Dimension: 12” X 3”

It has been determined that this wooden statue was damaged during a fire inside a temple after which it was cleaned and returned to the temple. Most of the carvings and paint were destroyed in the fire and have since been smoothed over by the worshippers’ touch.